Centre d’Art Contemporain de Châteauvert

The artistic project of the centre d'art contemporain de Châteauvert cannot be dissociated from its institutional structure, from its place, from its history and its establishment.

Located at the North of the Agglomération Provence Verte, black metal cube overlooking a sunny meadow bordered by the Argens river, the art center is naturally oriented, of this preserved natural setting, around life-related issues. Its programming is induced by a reflection, mixing at the same time the aesthetic questions, societal, environmental or economic issues, thus decompartmentalizing disciplines and approaches.

The annual rhythm of two exhibitions per year, of a summer festival and regular artist residencies allows projects to develop over time while being accompanied by meetings, Lectures and exchanges throughout the year.

The centre d'art contemporain de Châteauvert belongs to the cultural institutions of the’Agglomération Provence Verte.


On the national territory, the contemporary art center of Châteauvert is a member of the networkARTS EN RESIDENCE.

At the regional level, the contemporary art center of Châteauvert is a member of the network PLEIN SUD.

On the county territory, the contemporary art center of Châteauvert is a member of the network RAVE and DESTINATION WHERE.

Châteauvert Contemporary Art Center
Nicolas Daubanes Camouflage (Sabotage) 2020 Photo credit Faustine Reibaud-Nicoli



Regain is an exhibition created from meetings with three of the many artists who have been in residence at the Châteauvert contemporary art center since 2019, How Better, Eve Pietruschi and Javiera Tejerina-Risso.

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The annual rhythm of two exhibitions per year allows the projects to develop over time while being complemented by meetings, Lectures and exchanges throughout the year.


Martine FEIPEL & John BECHAMEIL, Night crossing, of 7 July to 26 November 2023

Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil are an artist duo based in Brussels, representative of the Luxembourg Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2011. Inhabited by a great sensitivity to the theatricality of the world and its beauties, combining their many skills – drawing, sculpture, engineering, staging, décor (including several films by Lars von Trier) – Feipel and Bechameil produce a work that is as formally accomplished as it is strongly committed. They offer food for thought for a better future.

Simon de la Porte, Prism of memory, of 7 July to 26 November 2023

Prism of memory, it's memory, the distortion and slightly naive cheerful drawings of a world of moments without smartphones …


Lena DURR, Wild Habitats, from July 1 to 30 october 2022 – as part of the Grand Arles Express

Léna Durr is interested in the norms and margins of society that she stages in a photographic work that is always tender and a little nostalgic.. The work and the daily life of the artist are one since she herself lives in a mobile home, in Cuers in the Var, in the middle of objects collected since his adolescence. Habitats sauvage is both a work in line with his research and the fruit of his work over several months in residence in 2020-21 at the art center in partnership with theESADPTM.

Nicolas Boulard, The art center’s mediation team invites visitors to discover one last time the of 4 February to 19 Youri Cayron's creative documentary focuses on working-class memory and the history of the Tanneries de Barjols and mixes archive images and images 2022 – in partnership with MUCEM

Nicolas Boulard creates sculptures and installations by assembling references from Minimal art and conceptual art with organic materials from, for the most part, food productions. His works disturb, with lots of spirit, the aseptic aesthetic of American minimalism by drawing inspiration from the structured forms of cheese, wine or bread. His work is characterized by the appropriation of materials from fermentation to produce an atypical and unique work : fermentation is the passage from one state to another where the action of micro-organisms such as yeast irreversibly modifies the original nature of a material.

Sculpture garden

The hands-on, The hands-on

In 2020, the Agglomération Provence Verte initiated a study, in partnership with the municipality of Châteauvert, regarding the landscaping of the sculpture garden with the CAUE Var. This project should lead to a new landscape and art project in 2024.

The stakes of this project are the following:

  • A challenge of living together through educational actions for all, etc.. The aim is to provide visitors with an artistic experience full of well-being
  • An artistic and democratic challenge through regular consultation with residents and partners
  • An economic challenge due to the attractiveness of the project on the scale of the municipal and inter-municipal territory
  • A landscape challenge and a discussion on biodiversity
  • A temporal challenge through a debate on the durability of works placed outdoors

An annual acquisition campaign is also promoted in order to enrich the artistic experience of the walkers. It comes to enrich the already existing collection of the municipality of Châteauvert and the Agglomeration.

contemporary art center of châteauvert
Sculpture garden plan


Since 2018, the centre d'art contemporain de Châteauvert invites each year one or more artists in residence. Artists establishing links between the diversity of the artistic scene and the public curious to discover contemporary creation. These residences are also an opportunity to support the production of works related to the territory and to offer a new reading..

Being in residence implies modifying and enriching one's points of view, to get lost, to dream, to walk around and meet the people. The team guides the peregrinations of the artists on the territory and invites them to participate in the activities proposed within the art center. Thus, the artists in residence produce a specific work in resonance with the territory of Provence Verte. The duration of each residency varies according to the project, from a few weeks to several months.

The art center is a member of the network Arts en Résidence and thus contributes to a wider consideration of artist residency as an economic and creative resource.



Because it is never too early to become aware of contemporary creation, the mediation team offers children under three years old the opportunity to discover the temporary exhibitions or the sculpture garden through a playful tour and a workshop adapted to each age group.

6 children maximum. Only in the morning, 45 minutes maximum.

Only on reservation : cacc@caprovenceverte.fr

Schools and recreation centers

Each new exhibition, new artist residence or new art work in the garden constitutes the support of a different mediation adapted to each public. The mediation team also offers visits and workshops of the sculpture garden.

Only on reservation : cacc@caprovenceverte.fr

Children and family

Families are invited to a free guided tour every first Sunday of the month. This visit is followed by a creative workshop to realize with several hands.

Fee : free by presenting the entry ticket.

On reservation : 07 81 02 04 66 or cacc@caprovenceverte.fr

Visitors with disabilities

The art center's exhibitions are accessible to people in wheelchairs. Folding cane seats are available at the reception desk. The documentation collection located upstairs is not wheelchair-accessible. A parking spot is reserved near the entrance.

Visitors with mental or psychological disabilities

Visits and discovery workshops adapted for each group of children, adults or for families are offered. The mediation team is at the disposal of group leaders to prepare a visit or to develop a particular project.

Only on reservation : cacc@caprovenceverte.fr

Open hours

Off holidays

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

From 1st October to 30 April : from 14h to 17h

From 2 May to 30 September : from 14h to 18h

During holidays

From Wednesday to Sunday

From 1st October to 30 April : from 14h to 17h

From 2 May to 30 September : from 14h to 18h

July / August :

From Wednesday to Friday : from 14h to 18h

Saturday and Sunday : 10h - 13h / 14h - 18h


Full price : 3€

Reduced fee : 1,50€

Family fee 10 people : 1,50€

Free for children under the age of 6 years old, job seekers, RSA beneficiaries, ICOM cardholders, C-E-A cardholders

Access and contact

Centre d'art contemporain de Châteauvert

460 chemin de la Réparade / 83670 Châteauvert

GPS coordinates : 43.506217 / 6.014184999999999

Access: A8, sortie 35, direction Le Val puis Châteauvert

07 81 02 04 66 – cacc@caprovenceverte.fr


    The documentation collection consists of a set of works on the art of the 20th and 21th century. It documents the garden's sculpture collection, past exhibitions, present and future of the art center as well as the artists' residencies.

    It belongs to the network of multimedia libraries of the Agglomération Provence Verte.

    Areas: reading room, a work area and a space for children

    Le Centre d'Art de Châteauvert & you

    The wandering art works

    The centre d'art contemporain de Châteauvert offers to the schools, socio-cultural centers and leisure centers, borrowing works related to its collection or temporary exhibitions. Each of these works will be installed by the art center team in collaboration with the borrower and is accompanied by an educational booklet.

    A loan agreement must be signed.

    Audiences: from 3 to 15 years old

    Privatizing the Art Center

    Located at 20 minutes of the exist 35 Brignoles Le Val de l'autoroute du soleil, between Aix-en-Provence and Nice, the centre d'art contemporain de Châteauvert offers for your private events a surprising and spacious natural setting where nature and contemporary creation dialogue.

    In order to offer your guests a high-quality experience, the mediation team will offer visits and/or tailored workshops. Nearby accomodation offers can complete your stay. Thus can be organized:

    • Conferences
    • Seminars
    • Private receptions
    • Prestigious events
    • Film shoots
    • Fashion photography for magazines and advertisements
    • Product launchings, etc..