The greatest national and international masterpieces to discover at the Musée des Comtes de Provence in Brignoles

In Provence Verte

A Digital Museum

The Micro-Folie is articulated around the Digital Museum. Gatheringhundreds of art- worksmany institutions and museums, national and international, this digital art gallery is aunique cultural offer.
On your own or with a guide, the Digital Museum is particularly well suited to artistic and cultural education.


What is Micro-Folie ?

1 place

The digital museum of Micro-Folie is a new convivial place to live, accessible to all on the territory located in the heart of Brignoles at the Musée des Comtes de Provence. It allows to reduce geographic inequalitiesproviding residents with access to the treasures of the region's cultural institutions, national and international,

12 founding institutions

The twelve founding institutions are : the Centre Pompidou, the Palace of Versailles, la Cité de la Musique – Philharmonie de Paris, the Festival d'Avignon, l’Institut du monde arabe, the Louvre Museum, the Musée national Picasso-Paris, the museum of Orsay, the Musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, the National Opera of Paris, the Meeting of National Museums – Grand Palais, Universcience.

3 to 4 collections each year

the Digital Museum is enriched each year with3 to 4 new collections, each composed on average of 250 to 400 art works. So many opportunities to come back ! The Digital Museum's collections bring together partners on a regional scale,, national or international(ex : Collection of European Royal Residences).

Two ways to visit

The free visitor mode

Allows the Digital Museum to be freely accessible to all.Everyone can follow their own navigation, between the screen and its tablet, by reading the labels designed by the museum curators, by discovering the secrets of the paintings, by playing…

The speaker mode

Allows toorganize thematic and programmed visits for groups. Trueartistic and cultural education tool, the Digital Museum becomes an incredible mediation support for teachers and animators.


Come and see us

Micro-Folie has taken up residencein Brignoles. The Agglomération Provence Verte has chosen to set up its digital museum in the heart of theMusée des Comtes de Provence, certified Musée de Francewhose management is intermunicipal. mcp@caprovenceverte.fr 18 place des Comtes de Provence, 83170 Brignoles